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Mini Cinema Lightbox Multicolour

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It's the Mini Cinema Lightbox, with an upgrade! Featuring three LED power modes: classic white, color-changing, and hold on any solid color to set your room vibes. This Mini has a black shell. 

This Mini has a black shell and includes letter storage on the back of the lightbox. The new battery compartment slides open easily and takes 6xAAA batteries or use the included USB cable for power.


  • Dimensions: 8"x6", 20cmx15cm, A5 size
  • Fits 8 tiles across each row
  • Black ABS shell
  • White LED backlit mode
  • Color-changing LED backlit mode: press button once for gradual color change cycle (full RGB), press button again to hold on any color 
  • Powered by USB cable (included) or 6xAAA batteries (not included)
  • Built-in letter storage compartment
  • Table top or wall mountable
  • Indoor use only


    • Mini Cinema Lightbox (Color Changing)
    • 100 letters, numbers, characters, and symbols + blank tiles
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Instruction
    Product name:MY CINEMA LIGHTBOX® - MINI
    Product dimensions:5.91" H × 7.87" W × 1.77" L
    Shipping dimensions:6.1" H × 8.27" W × 2.13" L
    Shipping weight: 454g