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Symbol Pack (Mini Lightbox)

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Let your imagination run wild with 130 additional symbols! Featuring your favourite emojis, pop icons, fun symbols and more. Exclusive designs by My Cinema Lightbox®

Introducing the Symbol Pack for the Mini Lightbox. Let your imagination run wild with a wide range of icons! This pack includes 100 symbols and characters to create personalized signs – exclusive to My Cinema Lightbox! These tiles are for the Mini Cinema Lightbox only.


  • 130 trendy symbols, 112 single tiles + 21 double width tiles
  • Includes fun, holiday, seasonal, wedding, baby, animal, food, party themed symbols + more
  • Letter size 1.57"x0.98", 4cmx2.5cm 


  • These tiles are compatible with the Mini Cinema Lightbox and Mini Colour Changing Cinema Lightbox
  • Fits A5 size lightboxes

Product name:Cinema Light Box Mini Symbol Pack

Product dimensions:1.57" H × 0.98" W × 0.79" L

Shipping dimensions:1.34" H × 2.76" W × 4.72" L

Shipping weight: 110g